As you can probably guess, this 45 minute workout class focuses on your legs, bum and stomach areas. It’s a full body aerobic workout that simultaneously helps to firm up your bum and stomach area while also making your legs leaner.* Not only is it an effective workout to help you look great,* it can also help you feel great and maintain a high general level of fitness too.* These classes consists of high repetitions of body weight and/or light weight exercises, to really burn those legs  followed by deep toning work for the bum, hips and core. The focus of this class is very much on toning and tightening and it’s suitable for all fitness levels!

It’s common for people to feel self conscious about wanting to improve on their problem areas, but there’s no need, everyone has some. In our Legs Bums & Tums class you will get first hand experience of the fun and friendly atmosphere we cultivate at Women’s Fitness. Our expert instructors are here to help you reach your ideal weight* and have a good time at all of our classes.

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