Kettlebell classes at Women’s Fitness are made up of a wide variety of exercises that incorporate Kettlebells. The off kilter balance of these type of weights helps to give you a better and more full workout*

Our fully qualified trainers are ready to help get you started with Kettlebells. Every exercise and movement will be explained to you so that you can train safely and get the most out of your workout. Once you have a few classes under your belt we know you’ll be hooked. Only women are allowed to go to our classes and we’re all on the same journey, this gives our members a sense of camaraderie and freedom that we are very proud of at Women’s Fitness.

To attend your first Kettlebell class, simply book online or call us today on 021-496-6904.

Start your journey today!

To join us here at Women’s Fitness, book a Kettlebell class online or call us to discuss your options on