Pilates classes at Women’s Fitness Cork can be a huge help when it comes to Increasing your flexibility as it can elongate your muscles and improve mobility in your joints*. Another benefit of Pilates classes is the increase in your stability which can be achieved through developing your core strength by attending Pilates classes regularly*, that same core strength will also help tighten up your abdominal muscles and flatten out your stomach*.

At Women’s Fitness you can take Pilates classes in a safe environment with our trainers and other people that are on the same journey as you. No matter what your skill or fitness level, we can accommodate you and make sure you get the right balance of guidance and motivation without the pressure. You can feel free to start out going at your own pace that you feel comfortable with until the classes start getting easier. When you’re ready, our instructors will help you dial up the intensity and start burning some extra calories*.

Take a look at when our next Pilates class is going on and book your place online or else join in on the fun by calling us today on 021-496-6904.

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