Jennifer Testimonial

In the Women’s Fitness you have no one staring at you, there is no one judging you and everyone is here for the same reason. The past two years I have lost over three and a half stone. I had my debs coming up in the September so I thought I needed a good boost and its time to go and take some action about my weight and try lose some weight before my debs in the September. I started off with a six-week kick-start which was one pt a week, two classes a week and meeting with a nutritionist once a week which helps you with your food and make sure how your weight is going and everything. The atmosphere is totally different you come in its very relaxed, very friendly and if you ever need lets say a quick weigh you can jump in and one of the girls will weigh you no problem and the personal trainers and everything are absolutely amazing, Body combat is great its kinda a mix of martial arts and stuff, its all about you don’t have to have like coordination stuff its just kinda punch the air if you kinda lose track. Its kinda like dancing a small bit but then there is kinda like a boxing side to it as well which I love. Come in chat to the team, see how to get going, have a look around. I think they should start with a six-week kick-start and see how they feel and how they get on and from there then I think they should go straight into a membership maybe with classes. I think the food which was really perfect and then meeting with the personal trainer every week which I really really loved because like if I came in here and did a workout on my own I wouldn’t achieve the same goals if where the personal trainer really really pushed me and pushed me to the limits and I loved it. 


Niamh Jones Testimonial

I joined women’s fitness about two and a half years ago, I set myself a challenge I was going to be fifty at the end of the year and I said I am going to go find out can I go on a treadmill without falling off it so I did the kick-start programme for six weeks, set myself a goal because I was heading to the states in October and I wanted to run up the rocky steps that was my aim. I had never been in a gym so there I am forty-nine and saying let’s get on that treadmill now I could stay on it all day so that for me was a challenge in itself. What started off as a challenge for me has now become a way of life, I come over, the time suit me because you can come anytime from 6.30 in the morning to night time so it works around my work hours it’s fantastic that way. I love pilates for keeping me on track, I have a history of injuries from head to toe and I consider myself a high functioning crock and its the one thing that does keep me going. My physio would have recommended that you do pilates and I find it very very good here. I love the Zumba for the bit of cardio, sweating it out and its great fun and I think exercise can be great fun. Healthwise I can now function way better than I did because I would have injuries and now I can, I went and ran the mini marathon rather than walked it as I did before, ran the walk for pieta house as well the darkness into light so all those things are very different in what I would have done five years ago. I would actually say come in and meet the girls don’t just do something over the phone. Come in, have the chat, walk around see whats going on and look at the people who are here, you’ve eighteen-year-olds up to nearly eighty-year-olds every size shape doesn’t matter and the good thing there are no mirrors you don’t have to see yourself working out which is seriously good.

Niamh Jones

Claire Testimonial

I needed to seriously lose some weight I had my sisters wedding coming up, I was bridesmaid, I had my sons holy communion the following year and I had my husbands 40th birthday so I had three things that I had to go and do something to lose a bit of weight. I have lost eight stone just over eight stone ya in total. I was terrified to be honest the first time I made the appointment I cancelled I was so scared the second time I said just go someone else said being here a friend of mine recommended said come in try it give it a go you will love it. I joined came in the first day joined the kick-start did six weeks loved it loved the guys on the desk the personal trainers the classes etc so I came back for another six weeks and here I am still two years later still doing personal training and classes etc. Its such a novelty and I keep saying it like I can just go into any shop and just go ya I like that they have my size its great so I can buy it and go away home again so I have a whole new wardrobe which is just fabulous and I am still buying new things even this winter now I have no coats I have no shoes I need a body warmers all sorts of things again the other day so its great any excuse to go shopping really. I remember day one when I met Barry the very first time and I was sitting down on the floor there and I was thinking I am never gonna do this and he said you will have faith in me and just he said take it every single week he said just do it week by week he said and you’ll get through it and he was right and I think those words that day really stuck with me and it just drove me on all the time to keep going and achieving my goal and once you come inside the door I am telling you you’ll be looked after, they will go through everything with you and its step by step all the way they’ll hold your hand through the whole journey and I am telling you, you won’t look back if you do it, I haven’t looked back.