In the Women’s Fitness you have no one staring at you, there is no one judging you and everyone is here for the same reason. The past two years I have lost over three and a half stone. I had my debs coming up in the September so I thought I needed a good boost and its time to go and take some action about my weight and try lose some weight before my debs in the September. I started off with a six-week kick-start which was one pt a week, two classes a week and meeting with a nutritionist once a week which helps you with your food and make sure how your weight is going and everything. The atmosphere is totally different you come in its very relaxed, very friendly and if you ever need lets say a quick weigh you can jump in and one of the girls will weigh you no problem and the personal trainers and everything are absolutely amazing, Body combat is great its kinda a mix of martial arts and stuff, its all about you don’t have to have like coordination stuff its just kinda punch the air if you kinda lose track. Its kinda like dancing a small bit but then there is kinda like a boxing side to it as well which I love. Come in chat to the team, see how to get going, have a look around. I think they should start with a six-week kick-start and see how they feel and how they get on and from there then I think they should go straight into a membership maybe with classes. I think the food which was really perfect and then meeting with the personal trainer every week which I really really loved because like if I came in here and did a workout on my own I wouldn’t achieve the same goals if where the personal trainer really really pushed me and pushed me to the limits and I loved it.