I joined women’s fitness about two and a half years ago, I set myself a challenge I was going to be fifty at the end of the year and I said I am going to go find out can I go on a treadmill without falling off it so I did the kick-start programme for six weeks, set myself a goal because I was heading to the states in October and I wanted to run up the rocky steps that was my aim. I had never been in a gym so there I am forty-nine and saying let’s get on that treadmill now I could stay on it all day so that for me was a challenge in itself. What started off as a challenge for me has now become a way of life, I come over, the time suit me because you can come anytime from 6.30 in the morning to night time so it works around my work hours it’s fantastic that way. I love pilates for keeping me on track, I have a history of injuries from head to toe and I consider myself a high functioning crock and its the one thing that does keep me going. My physio would have recommended that you do pilates and I find it very very good here. I love the Zumba for the bit of cardio, sweating it out and its great fun and I think exercise can be great fun. Healthwise I can now function way better than I did because I would have injuries and now I can, I went and ran the mini marathon rather than walked it as I did before, ran the walk for pieta house as well the darkness into light so all those things are very different in what I would have done five years ago. I would actually say come in and meet the girls don’t just do something over the phone. Come in, have the chat, walk around see whats going on and look at the people who are here, you’ve eighteen-year-olds up to nearly eighty-year-olds every size shape doesn’t matter and the good thing there are no mirrors you don’t have to see yourself working out which is seriously good.