With such a wide variety of classes every week, you can always find the perfect class to suit your fitness levels and your schedule at Women’s Fitness. It only takes seconds to book your place on our app.

We have over 100 Classes every week in our Cork gym. We have a huge selection of classes available that run every day from morning until evening so you are bound to find the perfect class at the perfect time to suit your schedule.

Our classes are categorised into 3 groups so that you can be confident when picking a class that it suits your fitness level:

Beginner/Easy Classes: At Women’s Fitness we understand what it’s like to begin a fitness journey, especially if you’re completely new to fitness or coming back to fitness after long a break or an injury. All of our beginner/easy classes are set in a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel comfortable to go at your own pace. No one will be judging you, you aren’t under any pressure to go 100 miles an hour when you’re just starting out. Do as much as you are comfortable with and use the support and encouragement of our top-level instructors to give it you’re all!

Intermediate Classes: These classes are suitable for you once you’ve got in the groove or if you have a generally good fitness level. It’s okay for a beginner to do these classes once you are aware of your own limits. These classes are a great step up from beginner/easy level classes and start to push you to the next level.

Advanced Classes: These classes are suitable for women with a high level of fitness. You will be pushed to your limit, which is what you want. These classes will give a massive calorie burn and really help to improve your overall fitness levels. These classes are not ideal for beginners and their tough nature could put you off your fitness journey if you are starting out.

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Spinning, Pilates, Kettlebells, Body Combat, Fat Blast, Zumba, Legs Bums & Tums, Stretch + Core Workout, HIIT, Hour Of Power, Boxercise, Body Attack, Body Pump, 20:20:20, Body Sculpt, Tabata + Abs, Double Trouble, Fab Abs